02 7 / 2014

Screwing around, trying to record the output from my piano (which has been an unbelievable trial like you wouldn’t imagine since the output ports apparently fit NO CABLE MADE BY MAN), and I recorded this as a test. Wheefun~ Music sheets put up by Sam Hulick, though I think he’s taken them down now. Sadface.

06 3 / 2013

Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC isn’t for you. And by ‘you’, I mean someone who only saw the games as a bunch of shooter-rpg hybrids that spent entirely too much time dicking around in cutscenes and dumping exposition into a codex that no one ever bothers reading, and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about with the ending.

Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC is for you. And by ‘you’, I mean the fans, the ones who devoured every scrap of lore, who explored every conversational option, and invested themselves into characters and the world. For you, Citadel DLC is a reminder of why you loved the series, and why you cared enough about what happened to the characters to scream blue murder as they were callously ignored in favour of a grandiose space opera ending.

So we’re going to talk about how Citadel works thematically. For the purposes of this, we don’t care about the gameplay, or technical glitches, no, we’re just going to talk themes, or, rather, the single overarching theme of the DLC: the squadmates as True Companions.

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06 3 / 2013

So, am I the only one who thinks that the villain of the Citadel DLC should have taken Kai Leng’s role in the main game? With the end result that I would have actually given a shit about that entire plotline?

Because, dang, making me feel sympathy for the Citadel Villain by the end was a masterful bit of writing.

29 8 / 2012

So I’ve played Leviathan.

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25 6 / 2012

ME3 extended cut arrives tomorrow, and every single friend I’ve spoken to is feeling nothing but a vague sense of dread. For one, this means I have to replay the ending and christ, I don’t think I can do that again!

My sis and I are planning to go out and get seriously drunk tomorrow night. Yep. We’ve that little faith.

01 6 / 2012

In the name of getting into the spirit of the Jubilee and the Olympics, I grabbed this when I saw it in the supermarket. If you don’t know, this is Mandeville, one of the Olympic mascots (specifically the Paraolympic), in his special union flag colours. Except maybe it should be her colours, since I realised from looking at the head that it is CLEARLY an asari. It’s even blue in the normal colouring!

08 5 / 2012

Post any fanworks you like! BUT NOT THE FANFIC NEVER THE FANFIC FOR FANFIC IS DIRTY PORN AND ONLY DIRTY PORN. You may only link to it. Where we cannot see it easily.

Every times I see a company post about their love of fanart and never touching writing? Unsurprised. Irked, but unsurprised.

Ah well. It’s not like I would ever try to follow fic on the BSN anyway. Scary place that it is. ;)

30 4 / 2012

Since I got my buttons in the post this morning, I could finally finish this! It’s my knitted book cover, or at least one of the two I’m making. It’s a book cosy, designed to cover books (from the smaller paperback here shown to slightly larger ones as well - it stretches to a degree). With the Spectre/Paragon symbols, and christ if that wasn’t a lot of fiddly gluing.

One more to do! This is the Spectre/Paragon version, there’s also going to be an N7/Renegade version, which will look even more awesome. But yay! Finished it!

26 4 / 2012

Continuing with my crafty project o’nerd.

I need a crochet hook.

Continuing with my crafty project o’nerd.

I need a crochet hook.

02 4 / 2012


Jessica Chobot, the ‘talented’ individual that she is, chimed in on the whole ME3 debacle saying:

I thought I would do a pictoral update on everything that has happened within the last 3 or so months…(and “NO” I haven’t finished ME3 yet. ” NO” I haven’t sexed Diana Allers (although I plan to) and “NO” I don’t want to know anything more about the babsolutly RIDICULOUS whine-fest that entitled gamers are having with Bioware)..

Aaaaand… oddly enough the blog post has now disappeared.

Unsurprising. I think “journalistic ethics” are just a couple of words that’ll get you a good scrabble score for Chobot and IGN. >.>

And while I don’t like what Chobot said, I don’t agree with the hateful vitriol now being speweed in her direction, which I generally think is neither big nor clever. I don’t care if someone’s renowned for their looks. I take issue with the journalistic ethics of your employer getting first dibs on a game you previewed and were cast in, not whether someone got their job by licking gaming hardware.

So can the misogynistic crap, guys.